Sunday, December 11, 2005

First Name Basis

I would apologize to my devoted readers for sadly neglecting this blog in favor of 1) keeping my day job and 2) posting on my primary blog, but I doubt this blog has attracted many devoted readers, given just how sadly I've neglected it.

This has to stop, doesn't it. I've got to be a better Bored Dominatrix, and maybe that involves expanding my interests, horizons and repertoire. I had particular and specialized goals for this blog when I started it, but now perhaps it's time to broaden its scope.

My friend Saviour Onassis has two blogs: While You're on Your Knees, where he writes about his life and stuff; and Queerest of the Queer, where he bitches about celebrities he hates and fawns over those he loves. I don't live in Hollywood and work in "the industry" like SO, so I know much less about famous people and what they do; I have a geeky academic job in the Northeast, and mostly I blog about my life and literature and religion and so forth. But every so often I do feel the need to say something about fame, and my other blog isn't the place for it, so I guess I'll say it here.

What I have to say right now is this: don't the people who follow celebrities realize that there is a freakin' HIERARCHY? And that this first-name basis business only works if we all agree who is famous enough to be identified accurately by a first name?

For instance: on Thursday, December 8, in an email digest of Salon's current offerings, I read this headline from its column the Fix: "Nicole dumped?" Of course I was anxious to know what new heartbreak had befallen that luminous blonde actress who first captured my fancy in To Die For. I was all set to be indignant, because this woman deserves some happiness to go with her talent and success, goddamnit!

But when I clicked on the link, it was about freakin' Nicole Richie! Nicole Richie?!? Nicole Richie is NOT Nicole; she is Nicole Richie. The only person who deserves to be known only as Nicole is Ms. Kidman.

This better not happen again.


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