Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ralph Nader Can Kiss My Ass

In 2000, I had all these friends in the Green Party who were always going on and on about how great Ralph Nader is, and how there was no difference at all between Republicans and Democrats. I tried to say that there was a lot of difference--I should know, having been a Republican most of my life. "It's because you used to be a Republican that you can't see how liberal Democrats AREN'T," my friends would tell me.

"That may be," I'd reply. "But that doesn't mean there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans."

"But most of the legislation that gets enacted in this country reflects a very narrow ideological view," they'd say.

"But that doesn't necessarily mean the parties are the same," I said. "That has something to do with the compromises that have to be when you have two different parties arguing about the direction the country should take."

And I remember one barbecue where this guy was going on and on about how Nader was our only hope, blah blah blah, and we had to vote for him, because really, it wouldn't make any difference if a Republican or a Democrat was in the White House. "We should just give this election to the conservatives," he said. "What's the worst that could happen?"

What's the worst that could happen, indeed.

And then Ralph Nader goes and says this:

You're a pathetic old irrelevancy, Ralph. Fuck you.


Blogger Vanessa Rogers said...

Wasn't that terrible what he said! I was in shock!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Hattie said...

I just dropped in from Mars, so please explain to me what the problem is here. I mean why the shock? You are telling me you don't know anyone who ever says stuff like this?
Of course there was no choice but to vote for Obama. What will not change, though, will be the fundamental structure of a country that belongs to the corporations.
I don't know anyone under age 50 who can even imagine a world that is not basically about corporate power and consumerism. It's been corporate power all the way with no real challenges ever since the 70's.
And how does Nader's remark compare on the outrage scale with the kind of stuff Limbaugh says? And what about the faux indignation of that Fox person with the face lift?
Nader needs no defense, in my opinion. He did not owe the Democrats a victory in 2000. If the Dems had not been so craven, they would have marched into Florida and demanded justice for voters and for their party. Nader has and had a right to run for office and to say whatever he pleases, too.
Don't mean to intrude here, actually, but some things really tick me off, such as Nader-blaming.

3:33 PM  
Blogger bluestocking said...

I just dropped in from Mars

Hattie, do everyone a favor and stay on Mars where you belong.

so please explain to me what the problem is here.

Silly me! I thought I could post what I wanted on my blog. I thought I could find things that interested or intrigued me or caught my attention at a particular moment. I forgot that Auntie Hattie was trolling the blogosphere and would eventually return to police my blog, to chide and chastise me when I posted something that disagreed with her, and demand explanations for any and every blogging decision she questioned.

Nader needs no defense, in my opinion

Then don't waste my time providing one.

Nader has and had a right to run for office and to say whatever he pleases, too.

And so do I. And what I choose to say is this: You're a pathetic old irrelevancy, Ralph Nader. Fuck you.

The same goes for you, Hattie. You are a pathetic old irrelevancy, and I demonstrate my ardent belief in that fact by never going anywhere near YOUR BLOG. PLEASE RETURN THE FAVOR. I have had enough of your defensiveness, your dishonesty, your inability to read with any care, your inability to think with any nuance, your general bullshit. I've asked you before and now I'm telling you: GO THE FUCK AWAY.

4:16 PM  

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