Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pathetic Loser Tries Again

Almost a year ago, an unpleasant former student attempted to "friend" me on Facebook. I was surprised and mildly annoyed, but I ignored his friend request and blocked him, wrote a blog entry mentioning this, and didn't waste another thought on this strange, troubled, annoying person.

And then, he goes and makes up a new profile with a silly pseudonym and tries once again to "friend" me.

I don't believe this is a friendly or even an innocent gesture. He didn't send a message saying, "Hi, Dr. Bluestocking! I hope you're doing OK. I am sorry for what an insane asshole I was, but I'm getting the professional help I need and now I hope we can be friends."

No, he just thinks that.... Well, god only knows what he thinks. Perhaps he knows that the only way I will ever think of him is if he intrudes on my life like this. Perhaps he imagines he will find something titillating or satisfyingly upsetting or potentially useful through being able to see who my friends are or where I am or what I'm doing. Who can say. I don't know what's going on in that disordered brain.

But it's pathetic and sad. I will admit, I feel sorrier for the guy now than I ever did when he was in my class. I really do help his family is finally able to see how much help this guy needs, and they're taking the steps to see he gets it.


Blogger Jail Thong Show said...

Uh oh, this guy again. I didn't expect to be right last time when I said he might like you, but it sure seems like it now.

8:46 AM  

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