Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Just Want to Get This Off My Chest

To all my friends in the Iowa City Green Party who supported Ralph Nader in 2000 because "It won't make any real difference whether there's a Republican or a Democrat in the White House, because the parties and the candidates are essentially the same, but it might make a lot of difference if the Green Party were to become a stronger third party":



Blogger spike said...

First thing to say is that I agree with you.

There is a good, progressive union in the city where I was living for the 2000 elections. This union is not part of the AFL-CIO and had not endorsed a candidate in donkey's years. They endorsed Nader because Gore was trying so hard to satisfy Wall Street in order to keep the coalition that Clinton had cobbled together in order, and they recognized, correctly, that the policies that had made the stock market go up so much had hurt working people. But I don't think anyone realized how much fraud would take place in that election. Don't forget, Gore won the 2000 election, including, as subsequent investigations showed, the Florida vote (once all the votes were actually counted). And it looks like the exit polls that gave Kerry an insurmountable lead in 2004 were probably also correct and only a massive fraud in Ohio gave that state to Bush. There was a good article in a recent Rolling Stone about this. And the challenge to the Ohio poll that tried to get a recount of the state's votes came not from the Democrats, but from the Green Party and the Libertarians.

So I agree with you that it's much worse now to have the US being run by venal idiots bent on bringing on the apocalypse and that Nader supporters in 2000 were hopelessly naive, but I'm also pretty sure that Bush would be president anyway, even had every voter who cast a vote for Nader in 2000 voted instead for Gore. And I think the Democrats are much more to blame for this than the Greens, because the Dems have done precious little to fight the Republicans on this.

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